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One warm cozy night in our lives you were kneeling by my side, we were praying together and casting all our worries to God. On that night I had wished for that moment to be forever. We had our short walk, long talk inside our old campus. And tonight of the same day I couldn’t barely think of anything else but that moment with you. I ended this night having known almost nothing but a saddened face of mine while crossing the waving sea, creating miles and miles apart with you. The ocean breeze, the whooshing wind, the cold sonata of this night is far from how it was— worried voice turned to that sweet sound of smile, glaring stare turned into tired eyes full of troubles. I wanted to cast them all, but I couldn’t. All I did that night is to stay by your side, but tonight I’m heading far from you.

Then a year later…

I feel like months went on a fast-paced rush; another year had gone by. Tonight I am stuck in a rut, spending my glory years with a routine thing— night shift in the nurse’s ward, idly sitting in front of my patients’ charts, then this night comes. A night in every year which marks a difference; a small twinge of melancholic mood brought me to that same night sailing adrift the sea a year ago, far from where I am tonight. And I realized I am still entwined by the bits of the moments from the past, sort of fleeting view.
Remember the day I sat at your side during our computer class, we barely knew each other and we haven’t been talking much. The bored and silly me picked your hand and gave you some small rainbow-colored stones and told you those were candies— you almost ate them all. I thought of you not being gullible but someone who trusted my words that much. I smiled at you, not that I had fun of how you took me seriously, but because I found someone whose eyes were ragged, yet fascinated me though. Then you smiled, clueless of what was on my mind— there I knew right then that you’re different. Days turned into weeks, into months and then all of a sudden into years, something I won’t tell how long, because me either, I couldn’t remember how it all started. We became the weirdest of friends, enjoying each company, talked randoms of almost everything and nothing— for me you have the most beautiful mind. Until this moment, I still haven’t realize what I did good to you that made you trust me that much with your hidden side and desires in life. Perhaps we’re just comfortable; we just know our way around one another. However, at some point, I still feel like I know nothing much about you. I spent all these years, wondering of what is on your mind. Are you just a paper of dreams I wrote on my year ‘12 journal? Why do every time I see your saddened face, some part of me cried with you. No one else knows how this feels like, even you— you never heard this part of me.
You have yet to hear anything about me to you, I don’t have any strength to talk to you, so I just write it down tonight for no reason, but to heal and ease the pain of loving the right person at the wrong time.

By Hoshinn, “Letter from Waves of the Past” (via wanderingwingss)

Letter to the man I [love/loved].